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How to make resealable poly bags?

Mar 29, 2016

How to make resealable poly bags?Have you used the resealable poly bags?So do you want to make the resealable poly bags?Now let's we talk about how to make the resealable poly bags.

   In our daily life,resealable poly bags are the usual things,you may often use the resealable poly bags, butmay not always make the resealable poly bags,the resealable poly bags are easy to damp,what every time the bag tied up is not very convenient,here we will teach you a simple method.

I take the fresh-keeping bag for example.

   First, you should prepare a plastic bottle, a pair of scissors;then cut the bottom of the bottle with scissors,bu be careful with the time,at that time it is easy to cut the plastic; and then through the mouth of the plastic bag from the middle of the bottle cap,so that you can directly use the lid when it is screwed up, each get finished directly screwed on.

Sometimes we sat together,and we like to eat potato chips or popcorn, but we may not be able to finish it,and we often don't want to eat or left a lot. At this time, we need many clips, their mouth is sealed up, otherwise,the crisp and the little things will soon deteriorated. Now we teach you a way, even if you do not have a clip,but also you can solve this problem, all the snacks will be kept well.

1, pick up the bag, put the snacks as much as possible to the bottom of the bag,the bag on the top of the snack finishing flat, the air is discharged.

2, with both hands, the opening of the bag down about 2.5cm. 100how tips:do not use the volume, to be folded as far as possible.

3, when you will fold it,be careful.If the bags, the folding part is far away from the snack distance,and you should repeatedly folded it down . Until you're a part of the fold is very close to the snack.

4, fold to the end, the two sides of the fold, as it is shown in figure. Then fold them together and hold hands to the back part of the bag back out.

5, peeled back after they become such a shape, the bag will not be scattered. The bag is sealed.

6, now, even if you turn the bag upside down, yo have not be afraid of the snacks are scattered out.

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