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What do you think the fun office chairs?

Mar 28, 2016

   The Shanghai fun office chairs show, brand design museum and two original design museum of wood and bamboo fun office chairs are undoubtedly the focus, you may also see a lot of their favorite bamboo furniture. However, a few days down, flat hue and shape the pursuit of elegant bamboo products may have not stir your heart more waves; if it is so, you can try this group of people in front of a bright design.

In a corner of DOD Pavilion, stop at 8 Hour design studio booth one day more than a day. With a fresh, rich color, unique combination of forms and unique shape,the fun office chairs here are particularly smart and lively. Out of the ordinary, they are the DOD exhibition area this year is not much office furniture - Studio name "8 Hour" refers to the day we spent in the Office (long).

8 Hour was established, this time they display the first two series launched its own.

   More complete series is a set of fun office chairs. Made out of solid wood box and plate is the base unit, and a series of metal furniture parts, flowerpot, table board, racks, magazine rack, into combined furniture give different segments of the function and change.

The convenience of this design is that it can allow users to combine their own furniture according to personal preferences,the actual needs and space dimensions, the space partition, flexible transformation of different indoor layout.
This is the 8 Hour founder and designer Xu Tianyu want to achieve. Xu Tianyu tells us that after he had experienced many office relocation, she felt there should be a simpler way, so that the fun office chairs are able to adapt to the change of office space volume and shape of, and modular furniture can bring the convenience of use.
"Even with a space today, four people sit together, tomorrow small an end, may change back only a single seat. Space changes, the number of changes, you can also add and subtract modules. And not a thing on the other side, never moving.
Art comes from life, and creativity comes from life.Designers have been inspired by life to create a lot of creative home,not only to meet the use of the product itself, in the design of the design ,it is also integrated into the fashion, personality. Let's take a look at the creative home that we can add to our lives and work.


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