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The maintenance of leather office furniture

Mar 28, 2016

The are varieties of leather office furniture,today,we will share leather office furniture maintenance measures to you. Some leather office furniture such as chairs, sofa and so on,with synthetic leather surface. Their surface appearance,the leather office furniture has a good touch feeling,and kneading resistance and abrasion resistance,hydrolysis resistance,spalling strength,cracking strength is very good,therefore, the majority of consumers.

   Leather office furniture is made by leather and wood, cotton, linen and silk fabric properties of different, high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, high light intensity, water acid solution, containing alkali solution have an effect on it.So to remind you that the use of synthetic leather furniture should pay attention to the following: leather office furniture is placed to avoid the heat.High temperature will affect the appearance of synthetic leather, produce adhesion.Therefore,leather office furniture should not be placed in the vicinity of the fire,the leather office furniture is also not put in the sun exposure, to stay away from some of the higher heat source of goods. Wipe the surface of synthetic leather furniture, do not use wet cloth or wet towel, use dry cloth for the best advice. Office furniture should not be placed in the humidity of the room. Synthetic leather in the excessive moisture hydrolysis occurs, resulting in a surface protective film which is damaged, affect the service life. Therefore, like the kitchen, bathroom,these places do not recommend placing leather office furniture.Placed the furniture in the room temperature is too low.In this case it is easy to make the synthesis leather cracking,freezing and hardening of the situation.The above is a small series according to some high-quality office furniture manufacturers of professional advice, hope to be able to play a certain role in helping.

Since the reform and opening up,China's furniture industry made an unprecedented development, as a branch of the furniture industry,the Chinese furniture industry with the production technology constantly updated,varieties will continue to increase,production specialization gradually formed and the level of management continuously improve,realize the rapid development. In 1999, China office furniture industry output breakthrough the 500 billion yuan; in 2004, office furniture production for 819 billion yuan; 2005, office furniture production value is 980 billion yuan; in 2007, China office furniture industry output value has more than 100 billion yuan, office furniture accounted for about 30% of the overall furniture. 2007 domestic office furniture market demand accounted for about 1/3 of the overall furniture market.

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