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The introduction of metal office furniture

Mar 28, 2016

  What do you think the metal office furniture?Do you want buy a metal office furniture?

   Which metal is the main marterial of the metal office furniture?Wrought iron furniture,which is collectively referred to metal furniture.

People often say "steel wood furniture" ,it should be understood from the professional concept of metal office furniture,steel wood furniture is a kind of metal furniture. Metal office furniture can be very good to create a different atmosphere in the family room of different needs,and it  also can make Home Furnishing diversified and more modern style.

Metal office furniture advantages: personalized style,color rich, various varieties, has the folding function,an aesthetic value,high quality and inexpensive goods.

   Concepts and materials

   The main components of modern metal is a variety of high quality thin carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipe, steel pipe, wood, metal plate, glass,and all kinds of artificial stone, plastic, leather etc..
Metal office furniture, metal materials, through stamping, forging,casting, molding, bending, welding and other processing techniques,it can be shaped into a variety of shapes. Surface treatment and decoration is the main processing technology,such as electroplating,spraying and deposition.Metal furniture is usually connected by welding, screw, pin connection, and so on.
Many forms of metal office furniture forms,it usually have disassembly, folding, intussusception, plug etc..

The mention of metal office furniture, people immediately think of those cold hard iron guy". In fact, the original "cold hard iron", is in our place with a different posture. And do you know its advantages and disadvantages?

   The advantages of metal furniture

   Green environmental protection

   The raw materials of metal furniture is called rolled steel,it is easy to smelt from mineral resources.With the promotion of the rise of the iron and steel industry, "green revolution" and "zero energy" production process, the metal material from the selection to the production process and after the elimination , not to buy a useless metal office furniture,it waste your money and energy so you must be careful.

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