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Do you know the executive leather chair?

Mar 25, 2016

  Do you know the executive leather chair?The executive leather chair is usually designed for congresses,ao now let's we look the executive leather chair.
   Today, global electric vehicle field leader Tesla Motors in 2015 North America International Auto,it showed (hereinafter referred to as the "Detroit Auto Show") officially released with new administrative seat of the upgraded version of the model s electric car. The release of the upgraded version of S Model, based on the voice of some of the Chinese car owners to meet the needs of the Chinese market tailored.

   S Model executive leather chair with a concave design,the executive leather chair can provide a strong lateral support for the occupant in the vehicle turning,the executive leather chair height is slightly lowered, so that the increase in the head space, bring a better ride experience. Use of top nappa leather wrapped seat materials, soft foam filled, ride feel than before ascension, and the comfort to further enhance the sense of luxury car. In addition, the model s,further optimize the rear seat armrest,including double cup holder,which is arranged in the front of the armrest,and the rear part of the vacated storage box and a large enough to accommodate mobile phone tray, details the remarkable performance.

   S Model, equipped with a new administrative seat, will meet with Chinese consumers in the near future.

As a new pure electric vehicles, model s beyond the past traditional concept cars,the application of science and technology of the most cutting-edge into cars, for consumers to bring extraordinary driving experience. Model s body is better than the steel properties, the more expensive high grade aluminum alloy, advanced manufacturing process to make it have excellent safety protection and driving control of the built-in powerful Internet connection function, not only help owners realize interoperability vehicles,it can also enjoy the "air upgrade" sustained as a result of the update service.The interconnection of the network can also provide remote diagnostics for vehicles to help owners understand the use and safety of the vehicle in real time. More important is, model s in the process of cars adhere to zero compromise and, at the same time, in the practice of the concept of green environmentally friendly zero emission, and work together to the every model s owners, with action pulled out of China sustainable transportation and green road.

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