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Do you know the ergonomic executive chair?

Mar 25, 2016

   Do you know the ergonomic executive chair?Now let's talk about the ergonomic executive chair.
   Ergonomic executive chair is generous, unique, fashion, and the ergonomic executive chair is widely used in the modern family, entertainment, Internet cafes, hotels, leisure, conference room, office computer desk of a new type of environmental health chair.The design principle of the release of natural, human nature regulation,it is suitable for a variety of regulatory body;the material on the use of environmentally friendly materials.

Ergonomic executive chair mainly uses the Du Bangsha + polyester fiber mesh components (), green cloth + high quality memory cotton elastic environment-friendly material production cushion and a seat back, in process design it is well adapted to the development of the new trend in future furniture. With the ventilation and heat dissipation characteristics,good comfort care,it can prevent the growth of bacteria in the environment of the chair in the process of using. And to reduce the hip and back compression area, pressing force point, promote hip and back blood circulation,avoid the strain of neck, shoulder, waist, keep your healthy body. The development of the more successful are: DXRACER, EXTREME,xingzhiguang health chair etc..

   Ergonomi executive chair is mainly from the following aspects of the regulation of fatigue:
1, head: head and head height and rotation can be adjusted to allow users to naturally fit the neck of the neck pillow, regulate the sitting posture, the anti office will enjoy. When the pillow height of all your support for the best position of cervical vertebra.

2, a chair back, waist optimal support position is the third and fourth spine, the chair back can height adjustment,it is easy to meet different user's demand, reduce lumbar vertebrae and bear most of the weight of the human body.

3, waist support: separate activities of lumbar, resilience focused on the activities of waist,to the user the most close to the support. Waist by by adjusting the bending degree of the whole back relaxed comfort fit in the back, so as to relax the vertebrae of the spine, so as to relieve the fatigue of the vertebrae of the spine of.

Armrest: 4, adjustable armrest height and angle, and let the hand table transition is more smooth to prevent the mouse hand.
Free to adjust the angle, locking stepless continuously, arc post design, bow frame strength and elasticity, armrest arc-shaped streamline back.

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