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The introduction of cement board and cement board tape

Mar 24, 2016

 Do you know the cement board tape?And have you heard the cement board tape?Maybe you haven't heard the cement board tape,and I haven't heard the cement board tape.Well,there are many types of cement board,but there is no cement board tape,maybe there is a mistake with the cement board tape.
   Cement board is a building flat plate which use the cement as the main production raw material,which is a production between gypsum board and stone, free cutting, drilling, construction of the sculpture products,it is better than the gypsum board, wood fireproof, waterproof, anticorrosive, mothproof, sound insulation and far below the price of the stone,and which is the reason that it is widely used in the construction industry, building materials. Cement boards are prefabricated, there are also cast.
There are many different kinds of cement board, according to grade consists of ordinary cement board, fiber cement board, fiber cement pressure plate;according to intensity,it is divided into plate (general plate), fiber reinforced cement board, high density fiber cement pressure plate; according to the fiber is divided for chrysotile asbestos fiber cement board and non asbestos fiber cement board.

   1, ordinary cement board

   Ordinary cement board is a product of the widespread use of the low-grade, the specification is given priority to with 1200*2400*, thickness 6-12mm, market price is approximately 10 yuan to 20 yuan,the main component is cement, fly ash, sand, the cheaper the price the lower the amount of cement, some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of cement.

2, fiber cement board

   Fiber cement board,it also known as the fiber reinforced cement board,the main difference with ordinary cement board is added to the all fiber as a reinforcing material,the cement plate strength, flexibility, bending, impact of a substantial increase. Mineral fibers, such as asbestos, plant fiber, such as pulp and synthetic fiber such as vinylon, man-made fibers such as glass silk fiber was added.

   The cement board construction method  

   The thickness of 3mm above 60MM*60MM galvanized iron,or iron pipe 60MM*25MM do skeleton, and interval 40-60cm a column (keel), auxiliary keel spacing according to the plate size determined, but not more than 1200MM. 2. Adjust the keel and correction after the completion of the main and auxiliary keel connecting bolts for fastening or welding.3.Fixed calcium silicate board on the keel, board recommends thick 8mm above. 4. And to see the sheet is cut into required size,and use a flashlight drill advance drilling screw holes.

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