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The introduction of asbestos cement board

Mar 24, 2016

Asbestos cement board uses the high-grade cement as matrix material and it enhance the natural asbestos fiber, with advanced production technology by forming, pressurized, high temperature steam raising and special processing technology and made of high-tech products,with lightweight, high-strength, fireproof, waterproof, moistureproof,sound insulation, heat insulation,thermal insulation,corrosion-resistant, pest control rat bite, impact resistance, easy processing,the asbestos cement board  is easy decoration excellent characteristics.

   Asbestos fibers in the atmosphere and water can cause pollution, many countries in the world in some industries to limit the use of asbestos materials.However,due to the lack of better alternatives,asbestos cement board is still used in the construction industry.

Common specification for asbestos cement boards in china:

Other small size can be arbitrarily cut.

Product features

   A fireproof insulation: burning the A-class,sheet will not be burning when the fire occurred,does not produce toxic fumes; conductive coefficient is low,is the ideal insulation material.

Waterproof moisture-proof: in the semi open air and high humidity environment,it can maintain the stability of performance,not the subsidence and deformation.

The thermal insulation:low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation properties, high density, good sound insulation products.

   A high-strength lightweight: pressurized by the 5000 tons of tablet press plate, not only the strength is high, but not easy to deformation, warping; small weight, suitable for the application on the roof ceiling and so on.
The construction is simple: dry operation, installation and construction of the keel and the plate is simple and fast.Deep processed products also have the advantages of simple construction and better performance.

   Economic appearance: light,and the keel,the asbestos cement board can effectively reduce the cost of construction and decoration;exterior color uniformity,smooth surface,the direct use of the building surface color uniform.
The safe of asbestos cement board: below the national "building materials radiological health protection standard for", the measurement indexes and 20 meters away from the buildings around the lawn outside the equal value.

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