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The function of pallet cornor protectors

Mar 24, 2016

   Do you know the pallet cornor protectors?Do you know the function of the pallet cornor protectors?And the pallet cornor protectors have a big use in industy.The pallet cornor protectors are used to protect the pallet.But we should konw the pallets rather than the pallet cornor protectors.

   The definition of the tray (pallet) is used for packaging,storage,handling and transportation are placed as a unit load goods and products.

The establishment of pallet sharing system has the following functions

   (1)it is conducive to reducing the total social logistics costs

   Establishment of pallet sharing system, leasing,recycling tray,tray in the enterprise to promote the free exchange of,on the use of disposable tray for cargo transportation enterprises,do not have to spend a lot of money to buy or self-made tray.For example,the current Haier group tray rental price is 3 yuan / times, while the purchase of a one-time cork tray needs to spend more than 30 yuan,a difference between the two dozen times.It is estimated that China's establishment of a pallet sharing system.In a foreign pallet from the input to scrap, in the process of carrying the product flow,it can save storage, handling and transportation costs on average more than 500 U.S.dollars, equivalent to the cost of its own dozens of times.

At present,China,in addition to a larger scale, more advanced production and management level of production enterprises,the general enterprise material handling costs accounted for 40% of the total cost of the product. Therefore,the establishment of a pallet sharing system in China will help reduce the cost of the whole society.

   (2)it is conducive to improving the quality of logistics services

   Establishment of pallet sharing system, realize the tray transport and mechanization operation can effectively avoid the manual handling,the goods to container caused by counting error can be avoided.The goods in storage and transportation process once Kaifeng,it is difficult to recover,and it is easy to identify, China logistics behind the first problem can be solved effectively: "goods of the damage, loss, railway and highway transportation exist a lot of manual operation. This will effectively improve the logistics service quality in China.

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