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Do you know the wall coenor protector?

Mar 24, 2016

  Do you know the wall coenor protector?

   Bedroom storage and decoration design is an important part of, if you find the program, according to their own Fangxing designs attentively, then it will be able to save a lot of space,and also the home of debris will have a good place of refuge. In fact, do not have to be the best large storage cabinet,in the corner you can not imagine,there are a lot of space on the wall can be used.

   Mediterranean style, but storage is the bedroom light, not only the head of a bed with two small storage cabinets, beneath the same bed also do the drawer storage design, and white and green design let the whole room has a spring like Mingyan.
White bed with sky blue background wall and bed sheets, first in the visual gives a special elegant, pure and fresh feeling. In the place where you can not pay attention to the design of the drawer style storage, children's toys, pieces of clothing and the like can be put into.

   Do you know the wall coenor protector?Do you know the function of the wall coenor protector?And the wall coenor protector has a big use in industy.The wall coenor protector is used to protect the wall cornor.But we should learn something about thewall cornor rather than the wall coenor protector.

   Bedroom wall space is also a good storage, both put a few rows resting frame is designed as shown above, the appearance can play a role in it, and drawer bed design is the entire space of the second largest highlights. Convenient and practical.
One thing is more than the use of furniture,small space is the most favorite thing. Empty bed added to a small bedroom, there are more places available. The lower end of the bed out of the space can be used to place the sofa,if there is no choice with the storage function of the bed to also have no relation, some highly suitable storage basket can very well hidden in the bed, and is convenient to take and use.Different combination of drawer design is also very practical, you can neatly arranged messy small things,it is a prerequisite for the storage of small debris.

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