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Do you know the rubber cornor guard?

Mar 24, 2016

  In the early stage of rubber,rubber trees,rubber grass and other plants of the latex,made after processing with elastic, insulation, water and air material. High elastic polymer.Two kinds of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is extracted from the rubber tree, rubber grass and other plants in the processing of synthetic rubber, synthetic rubber by a variety of monomer by the polymerization reaction. Rubber products are widely used in industry or in all aspects of life.General natural rubber containing rubber hydrocarbon 92%-95%, rather than rubber hydrocarbons accounted for 5%-8%. Due to the different production methods, different producing areas and different seasons, the proportion of these ingredients may be different, but basically within the scope of.

   Do you know the rubber cornor guard?Do you know the function of the rubber cornor guard?And the rubber cornor guard has a big use in industy.The rubber cornor guard is used to protect the rubber.But we should learn something about the rubber rather than the rubber cornor guard.

  The rubber can promote the vulcanization of rubber, anti-aging. On the other hand, proteins have a strong water absorption.
Ash mainly containing magnesium phosphate and calcium phosphate salts, very small amounts of copper, manganese, iron and other metal compounds, because these multivalent metal ions can promote the aging of rubber, so their content should be controlled.

Dry glue water does not exceed 1%, in the machining process can be volatile,but it also affect the rubber processing, such as mixing with agent easy to agglomerate; calendering and extrusion process is easy to have a bubble, the vulcanization process bubble or spongy.Aging in air, hot sticky, easy to expansion in mineral oil or gasoline and dissolved, but not resistant to acid alkali. Advantages: good flexibility, acid and alkali. Disadvantages: resistant, resistant to oil resistant vegetable oil,which is raw material for making tape, rubber hose, rubber overshoes, and it is suitable for making damping parts, in the automobile brake oil, such as ethanol with hydroxide liquid using the product.

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