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Useful tips to maintain your street bike parts

Mar 22, 2016

The street bike is a very precise mechanical device that is loved by people for its convenience. Almost every family has at least one bicycle. Many advantages make it a good means of transport when the distance is not very long. First, the price of a bike is not expensive, ordinary people can afford to by one. Second, bike is a kind of environment friendly vehicle. It has no need of fuel and therefore does not emit any air pollution gas. Third, riding a bike does much good to you. As a simple and effective exercise way, riding a bicycle not only reduces excessive weight but also build up health, and is suitable for the majority of people: child and olds. Bicycle is also an Olympic program. Though many people like to ride a bike, but some of them do not pay much attention to the routine maintenance of street bike parts. However, it is an important task to maintain your bike. As an industrial machinery, regular inspection of street bike parts is very necessary. Check whether there are any parts loose or fall off. Also, it is very necessary to oil your bike to keep the joint running smoothly. Periodical inspection of your street bike parts will help you keep your bike works well.

I believe that a lot of people like the feeling of cycling in the rain. But after the bike suffered from rain, it must be wiped with a dry, clean and soft cloth, especially the places that is electroplated.  Then you should oil the street bike parts that are easily get rusty with some neutral oil, such as paraffin base oil, pure mineral oil, Pao poly dilute synthetic hydrocarbon oil, polyether synthetic oil, benzene oil, biodegradable lipids with oil, hydrogenated oil etc. Otherwise, some parts will get rusty soon and the joints will not work smoothly.

It should be noticed that the street bike parts that made of rubber, such as the handle bar and tires, must not contact with engine oil. Once the rubber is exposed to engine oil, it will speed up the aging process. Another thing is that the bicycle tires should be inflated appropriately. When it is under-inflated, the cover tyre may be broken. While when it is over-inflated, the tyre and other parts may also be easily hurt. The correct way to do that is: the front tire should be relatively less inflated while the back tire should relatively over-inflated. In cold weather, the tire should totally inflated, while in hot weather, the tire should not be inflated too full.

The brake system is an important part to protect people, while the brake rubber block is the most easily wearing part of a bike. It will not be overemphasized to put your attention as much as possible on this street bike part. When the brake rubber blocks are worn-out seriously, you should replace them as soon as possible. A street bike with poor bake system is just like a killing machine.

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