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The advantage of carbon fiber motorcycle parts

Mar 22, 2016

Carbon fiber (abbreviated as CF), is a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus fiber. The carbon content of this material is more than 95%. It is composed of flake graphite microcrystalline and other organic fibers. These organic fibers are firstly piled up along their axial direction. The by carbonizing and graphitizing, these organic fibers become microcrystalline graphite materials. Carbon fibers have ‘an iron hand in a velvet glove’. Its quality is lower than aluminum, but its strength is higher than that of steel. And it has the characteristics of corrosion-resistant and high modulus. It plays an important role in national defense and civilian applications. Carbon fiber motorcycle parts are good proofs for the civilian application of the fiber. It not only has the inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials, but also very soft and can be easily processed like textile fiber. It is a new kind of strengthened fiber. Carbon fiber has many excellent performances. For example, this fiber has high axial strength, high modulus and low density. It is a kind of no creeping material. This fiber has a high temperature resistance in non oxidizing environment. It also has the characteristic of good resistance to fatigue. Its specific heat and electrical conductivity are both between the non-metal and metal materials. The thermal expansion coefficient of this fiber is small. It has good corrosion resistance, good conductivity and electromagnetic shielding. The X-ray can across it easily.

The grade level of carbon fiber motorcycle parts depends on the brand, the appearance and a variety of other factors. Among these factors, the kind of materials and the workmanship are the most important ones. The typical low level, middle level and high grade motorcycle frame and components are manufactured by carbon steel, chromium molybdenum alloy and Aluminum Alloy carbon fiber respectively. As a new type of composite material, carbon fiber has many advantages. Thus the motorcycle parts made by carbon fibers have the characteristics that small weight, high strength and high rigidity. And they are easily designed and can shape easily. At present, many famous motorcycle companies from Europe, Japan, and the United States invest considerable human, material and financial resources in developing new forms and new kind of carbon fiber motorcycle parts. The motorcycle frame is the skeleton of the vehicle, it determines the shape and performance of the motorcycle to a great extend. The Benelli company comes from Italy develops an integral carbon fiber frame.

Many technologies are applied during the manufacturing process of carbon fiber motorcycle parts. Such as filament winding technology, pultrusion technology, resin transfer mould technology and carbon fiber motorcycle parts one-step molding technology. Carbon fiber motorcycle parts will become a revolution in civil applications. The whole weight of motorcycle will be dramatically decreased with the use of carbon fiber motorcycle parts. And with the reduction of the cost of carbon fiber materials, people will buy cheap carbon fiber motorcycle in the future.

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