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The unique function of steam washers

Mar 21, 2016

 Steam washer is one of the most advanced washing machine.Steam washers are developed by Korea LG electronics, at present,they have been introduced China.

   This new roller on the basis of traditional physical gap washing, originality increase the steam spray washing, in a substantial increase in clothes washing cleanliness at the same time, sterilization effect reached 99.9%, and saving water, saving about 50%. Industry experts said that the original way of washing, it enhance the key performance of the washing machine, it can be called a revolution in the global washing machine industry.

   Steam washers while retaining the traditional physical gap and beat type washing mode at the same time, tube, and set two steam nozzle, the steam is uniformly sprayed directly onto the clothing, so as to achieve easy disintegration of the oil stains, perspiration and other stubborn dirt. The steam washing technology and the traditional washing method compared to directly improve the more than 20% of the washing cleanliness. It also on clothing, and the inner cylinder are efficient sterilization. And this kind of washing, to reduce wear and tear of clothing to a minimum,steam washers can effectively prevent the deformation of the high-end clothing or wrinkle.

   The steam washers are almost essential household goods,the function of the washing machine is gradually transforming to diversity. More and more innovative features, brought more and more convenience. LG steam washers are good examples.

   Compared with the traditional washing machine,what unique function do steam washers have? First LG steam washing machine on the basis of traditional physical washing, joined the steam function, this function can not only to wash out of clothes cleaner and high temperature steam can potently kill except attached on the surface of the clothes and internal stubborn bacterial; and steam or natural "soft paramagnetic agent", it can let wash out of clothes softer; small vapor molecules can deep penetration clothing fibers, powerful wrinkle, even after dehydration, the clothing is very tidy. It can be said, LG steam washing machine washing mode innovation, it is a revolution of the traditional washing method.

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