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The types of electrical wires and cables

Mar 21, 2016

  The wire cable is used for electric power transmission and related application materials. "The wire" and "cable" and no strict boundaries between. Usually we will be less number of cores, products with small diameter, simple structure of the products said wires, we will have no insulation known for bare wire, the other called the cable; we will conductor cross-sectional area of the larger (greater than 6 square mm) for the cable, the smaller (less than or equal to 6 square millimeters) said the small wire also known as wire cloth.

     Many kinds of wire and cable, performance, structure and characteristics of integrated products, can be all wire and cable products are divided into five categories. Wire and cable mainly includes bare wires, wires and electrical equipment for electric power cable, XLPE cable and communication cable. The type of wire and cable.

     The types of electrical wires and cables 1)bare wire: according to the shape, structure and use of different products, divided into round wire, overhead wire, soft wire type, with line and profile four series.

     The types of electrical wires and cables 2) electromagnetic line: in terms of material, structure, thermal stability and use of insulation, can be divided into enameled wire, fiber winding wire, film wrapped electromagnetic wire and inorganic insulation electromagnetic wire four categories.

     The types of electrical wires and cables 3) power cable: according to the insulation structure type and can be classified as oil impregnated paper insulation power cables, plastic insulated power cable, rubber insulated power cable etc..

     The types of electrical wires and cables 4) equipment, electrical wire and cable: according to the product characteristics can be divided into general wire and cable, electrical equipment and instrument and meter wire and cable, traffic tools in wire and cable, signal control cable, DC high voltage cable of wire and cable, geological exploration and mining industry.

     The types of electrical wires and cables 5)communication wire and cable: including for the city or local area communication network incity telephone cable, for the city of long distance communication between telecommunication cable (long-distance symmetrical communication cables, coaxial communication cables), bureau of cables and communication wires.

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