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The most promising of ss wire mesh

Mar 21, 2016

   Do you know what kind of ss wire mesh?

   Ss wire mesh uses silk screen, metal wire (black wire, white steel wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire, wire, etc.) or synthetic fiber raw materials.The air hole of surface is uniform and stable,it has the function of screening and filtering.

   In the scope of application,specifications of  silk screen are 4 to 62 holes / cm,most of them are used for the screening of the food industry,but also for the wheel shabuchang screening sand with different thickness.Screening is not fine, industry application is single, it is not used for acid resistance and high temperature industry. Therefore,the product characteristics of silk screen determines its production, sales volume is not large.

   There are two kinds of synthetic fiber mesh, nylon or polyester filament and brown.Filaments with 15 ~ 30 denier monofilament mesh hole, the surface is smooth, it is beneficial to filter.The fabric can use all the yarn, Fang Ping peace lines, the specifications are 19 ~ 104 holes / cm.It is used as a screen printing,integrated circuit printed circuit board manufacturing,it also can be used to screen CRT phosphor and the magnetic tape, such as smaller particles.Palm silk screen with thick brown nylon yarn as raw material, the diameter is 0.55 ~ 0.1 mm, fabric for tabby seats form organization. It is used in mineral processing, paper pulp filtration, conveyor belt and so on. Synthetic fiber mesh with no rust, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, it can replace part of the metal mesh.

   The ss wire mesh is made by Huang Tongsi, phosphorus copper wire, stainless steel wire.Ss wire mesh is widely used as a screen.Ss wire mesh is used in various fields of mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing, etc..Ss wire mesh has oxidation resistance, wear resistance and other properties,it also can be used in protection and decoration industry.The wire thickness is 0.4 ~ 0.025 mm specifications.Most of them use plain or twill organize i-shaped.The hole of ss wire mesh is clear and correct, the net surface is very flat, it has high temperature resistance, wear resistance and other properties.As a leader in metal screen,ss wire mesh has the following characteristics:

1, at room temperature, it is easy to make use of plastic processing, stainless steel screen the possibility of diversification;

2, high degree of finish, without surface treatment, simple and convenient maintenance.

3, high temperature oxidation, 304 stainless steel screen tolerance temperature of 800 degrees Celsius, 310S stainless steel screen tolerance temperatures up to 1150 degrees Celsius.

4, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and good performance;

5, high strength, tensile strength, toughness and wear resistance is strong, durable;

   Therefore,ss wire mesh is destined to become a leader in the screen.It is the most promising in screen industry.

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