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The introduction of bird wire mesh

Mar 21, 2016

 The bird wire mesh is bird watching activities and the main habitat environment, "labour desire be good work, must first sharpen" the bird wire mesh can keep good ornamental bird.So, only to buy good right birdcage and other ancillary equipment,the birds can keep healthy and lively, song freely, suitable for viewing. According to the different shape, habits, the bird wire mesh is divided into many kinds.

   The bird wire mesh,so it is necessary to form a bird wire mesh shape, structure and process requirements, make it suitable for bird activity,and meticulous appearance. Cage can be made of materials such as bamboo, wood or metal wire, the shape is rectangular, round, square, flat, circular, room type, drum shaped. The bird wire mesh is material of our country,it is fine workmanship, both practical and beautiful and famous. In order to adapt to the living habits of different birds, ornamental bird species in the bird wire mesh can be divided into two categories of food grains and insectivorous bird cage. Granivorous bird cage with Canary cage, oriole cage, the cage, Braun cage, Zosterops cage, insectivorous bird cage with thrush cage, chin, cage, mynah bird cage. In addition, as well as for the parrot budgie cage and perch etc..

   The choice of cage, the size and shape of the cage should be adapted and fed the bird species and size, which is suitable for the breeding bird life and convenient management principle. Generally the larger bird with a tall but dense cage, so as not to damage the tail. Although Braun and smaller size, but the habit of singing goofy, best with special high cage.The parrot crossbill, such as large, hard drinking birds mouth special, to use the metal cage or bird feeding rack.
Cage basic components of a top plate, cage, cage, the door of the cage, cage hooks, dragon ring, bottom ring, the bottom of the cage composition, accessories by fecal Shing board, Sun Gang, bird food cans, tanks, jade BanZhi, horsetail strings and other components. These [1] parts part is made of bamboo or wood,it can be a variety of styles of carving and hollowing of the laser machine. The laser engraving machine according to the designer's material thickness and processing effect,to adjust the depth of the engraving,it also can design a customer desired pattern.

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