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Structural classification of fencing wire mesh

Mar 21, 2016

  The fencing wire mesh is also known as the safety net, due to regional differences, the southern people habitually called it as fence, northerners accustomed called fence.The fencing wire mesh is divided into: the garden fence, rail fence, bridge fence, highway fence, sports fence, airport fence, etc. (extremely versatile).According to the type, it is divided into three parts: frame fence, triangular bending wire mesh fence, bilateral wire fence, double lap fence, wavy Hulanwang, stadium fence, razor barbed wire - fence, thorn rope fence, PVC coated wire fence and so on (diversification).

   Structural classification of fencing wire mesh:

   Plug the fence

   Plug fence is a highroad steel guardrail,the structure of the original column is divided into two parts.With reinforcement of the bottom column,using the casing or other process to prevent the deformation of the bottom column. At the same time, local weakening of the upper part of the upright post or all weakened to control the deformation position of the fence posts, such arm is reduced, but the flexural modulus also reduced, so as to ensure that anti-collision level is not lower than the original standard design.The fencing wire mesh is easy construction, after vehicle collision, it can be replaced easily, and it can be used not only in soil shoulder, retaining walls and bridge position, it also can be used in various forms of steel guardrail. 

   The fencing wire mesh is beautiful and durable, it is not deformation, installation is convenient, it is an ideal metal fence products. The scope of its use: mainly used in the park / zoo fence, campus / field fence, road traffic isolation, temporary isolation belt.

   Wrought iron guardrail

   According to the material of the fencing wire mesh, it can be divided into: iron railings, stone fence, PVC fence, wooden fence, cement fence, plastic steel guardrail, stainless steel guardrail, glass railings.

   According to the fencing wire mesh, it can be divided into: balcony guardrail, staircase railing, fence, fence, villa community air conditioning guardrail, anti-theft guardrail, stadium guardrail etc.. The decorations on the barrier properties according to the classification of art fence, wrought iron guardrail, through King guardrail, Piaochuang fence, gate guard, American guardrail, European style barrier etc..

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