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Basic overview of wire screen mesh

Mar 17, 2016

   The wire screen mesh is different from the general mesh products.

   Basic overview of wire screen mesh:

   According to the raw materials,wire screen mesh can be divided into silk screen, metal wire mesh and synthetic fiber mesh.

   According to the specification, silk screen using different size of mulberry silk with full hank organization, half twist yarn organization or plain weave woven, woven and mesh was similar to that of cloth. Small number when the whole yarn organization, heads of a number of long, half

Yarn or plain weave. The specifications of the silk screen have ranged from 4 to 62 holes / cm, most them used for the screening of the food industry, it can also for the screening of different thickness with sand wheel emery cloth factory.

   The wire screen mesh is a wire mesh which through certain technical methods made into mesh products. With the copper wire, stainless steel wire, steel wire, steel wire woven into material. The diameter of metal wire mostly in the 4 ~ 0.025 mm. The general use of plain, twill, mat weaving method. Metal screen has the following characteristics: clear right hole, very flat surface, high temperature, wear-resistant, corrosion of stainless steel screen can. Therefore, the wire screen mesh is used in powder screening and oil filter.

   Synthetic fiber nylon or polyester wire screen mesh has a filament and brown. Filaments with 15 ~ 30 denier monofilament mesh hole smooth surface for filtering. The fabric can be used, the Fang Ping peace lines, the specifications are 19 ~ 104 holes / cm. Widely used in screen printing, integrated circuit printed circuit board manufacture. It can also be used to screen CRT phosphor and the magnetic tape magnetic particles of very fine particles. Palm silk screen with thick brown nylon yarn as raw material, the diameter of 0.55 ~ 0.1 mm, fabric for tabby seats form organization. It is used in mineral processing, paper pulp filtration, conveyor belt and so on. Synthetic fiber mesh with no rust, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, can replace part of the metal mesh.

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