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Some knowledges about the source of coal

Mar 16, 2016

Do you know the source of coal?Let me tell you some knowledges about the source of coal.

   Some knowledges about the source of coal1:In the whole geological era, there are three big coal forming period in the global scope:(1) the Paleozoic Carboniferous and Permian two, coal forming plants are mainly plant robe. The main coal is bituminous coal and anthracite. (2) the Mesozoic Jurassic and Cretaceous, the main coal forming plants of gymnosperms. The main coal is lignite and bituminous coal. (3) the new generation of the third century, coal forming plants are angiosperms. The main coal is lignite, followed by peat, there are some younger bituminous coal.

   Some knowledges about the source of coal 2:We can imagine that during the geological history of millions of years ago, due to the weather conditions are very suitable for the ground, the lush growth of tall plants, in the coastal and inland marshes, but also the growth of a large number of plants, then the rainfall is quite abundant, when natural disasters once-in-a-century flood or tsunami coming when will be flooded grasslands, flooded forests, where the size of the plant will be uprooted, floating in the water, plant roots on soil will also be washed clean, with fibrous roots and branches of these trees and grass will be the size of each knot together, floating downstream. Once rushed to the shoal, Bay fork will be stranded, they will settle down in there, and like a sieve to the floating screen where it soon Will form a barrier, and this place will be the next flood accumulation of plant debris (there are many animal debris). When the waters receded, this will form a winding packing plants wreckage of the hill, after long-term geologic change, the remains of plants in Qiuling will gradually buried. Finally, it evolved into today's coal mine.

   Some knowledges about the source of coal 3:Maybe someone will ask, a rare flood in 1998 China suffered, why not the case? I think that is because China's current forest coverage rate is very low, and forest multi in high altitude area, in the plain everywhere is grain, almost to the forest can be flooded the position, but is submerged farmland shelterbelt, and farmland shelterbelt trees are rare, and tree roots is very developed, grasping grasping very strong, short time of soaking, the impact is not caused much harm. And different trees in the forest, many trees are crowded together, they to smoking solar energy, desperately to long, roots is not developed, once a trees have been shifting flood roots play, will be associated patches of trees were flood destroyed, as a raft like, floating downstream under, overwhelming, and finally all piled in a place.

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