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Mount the furniture corner guards on the table

Mar 16, 2016

   Mount the furniture corner guards on the table,it can let us use it safely.The present era, more and more people began to pursue fashion,their demand for goods is more and more high,Not only in the quality of the products,but also there are strict requirements on the appearance of the product.So now the time is also a test of designers and manufacturers,they have to consider what kind of product design, and produce what kind of products will make consumers welcome!But at the same time in the production of the beautiful products,is it safety and security?Now the most popular children's furniture,designers and manufacturers in order to produce beautiful products,and they tend to neglect the aspect of the safety performance of the products,sharp caltrop furniture often caused harm to children's weapon, despite China's first "children's furniture general technical conditions" mandatory standards.ut some well-known brands still can not do so standard,as families with children, happy inn etc.,but after thinking, we also can understand, after all,regardless of any product,there will always be like that of the incomplete, can not achieve perfect in every respect point, but maybe we can solve this problem by some other way!Here we recommend to you.We can buy some furniture corner guards,the mat texture of furniture corner guards is soft, and they are nontoxic and tasteless,it is important that we can use color paste mixes a kind of any color in the production of furniture corner guards,so we don't have to fear not because of the angle of silica gel pad color with furniture and become unsightly,so we not only make furniture more practical,but also we have to ensure in appearance and security,furniture corner guards are good products, here we strongly recommend to everyone! 

   Do you know the paper corner?

   The advantages of the angle of paper: 1, the angle of paper products can be bundled, which makes the overall package more solid. 2, the goods is fixed on the tray, and its products can play a protective role of edge. 3, in the handling process of protecting and supporting products. 4, can be customized according to different specifications and requirements of customers. It can reinforce and tray role in goods in transit, so as to avoid damage to the goods during handling, packing, on the edge of the corner in the process of transportation.

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