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My childhood and the wooden wheelbarrows

Mar 14, 2016

 The earlest wheelbarrows are wooden wheelbarrows.

   The structure of the wooden wheelbrrows are composed of two parts, namely, the wheel and the body. Initially, the wheels and the body, making materials are wood,just to say there were wooden wheelbarrows, including rim (name of rim), a hub, a spoke and axle. By the end of the last century fifty's, China's industry has entered a new stage, the mechanical manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, the transmission part of the wheelbarrows will use metal to repeat the wooden wheelbarrows.Pneumatic tire also spread to our country, so outside the iron rim not only the tire rubber, and tyre. Casing thickness and wear-resisting, long service life, inner tyre can be inflated, which bimu wheel light more wheels have the flexibility,it is ease to push.

   The material of the wooden wheelbarrows bodies are not changed, the two shaft is connected together with two wood and long.In the middle of the frame is the uplift of the convex which was shaped supporting frame with wooden wheels, because of its high convex, look like a cock's comb, so in some places to the car called the " wooden wheelbarrows".

   Production trolleys are generally ask the local craft carpenters to build, wood is also the local materials, mostly for firm texture of hard Zamu, like jujube wood, elm, ash, and so on. Each hand cart shape difference is not big, only because of the use of its owner, the figure is high, strength is small, so the car is slightly different from the head. My barrow than people in general to be bigger for year-round use its father ,in order to multi cargo loading. When I was young,i was very proud of the strength of father cart. In the rugged trail in the field Rulvpingdi on narrow furrows Nian Geng, carrying heavy goods, vehicles are not crooked, the pace of chaos, thousands of pounds of weight, stretch on ten miles in eight, not half-way halt. This is years of toil to exercise Kung Fu.

   I long to twelve or thirteen years old, can help parents to do farm work with the father's cart. Annual after autumn winter season, the weekly rest day or holiday, about a couple of small partners, pushing wooden wheelbarrows,pick up grass ,transport cabbage, bulldozing pad hospital cleaning pigsty, as half a labor used. As an immature man, tender shoulders to early with his father to bear the burden of the family's life. Although, at that time under many of life's difficult, but also eat a lot of pain, but this achievement and attitude towards life and character is of great benefit to, so I lifetime.

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