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Do you like the red wheel barrow?

Mar 14, 2016

 Have you see a red wheel barrow?Do you think a red wheel barrow is very cool? So do you want a red wheel barrow?Now let's learn something about wheel barrow.

   Known as the "wheel barrow", "number two" soil "car". In many parts of the country are distributed. Before the popularity of modern transportation, it is a kind of portable tools which were manned to transport goods,especially in the north,it play the same role with donkey. In the past the wheel barrow,the car will be divided into the left and right sides,it can be loaded, but also to sit, but the two sides should maintain a balance. Between the two handlebar, hanging car trip, driving draped over the shoulders, hands to the to help force the wheel barrow is generally one to push forward, but there are also large wheel barrow to loading, before and after each of the double, before the push pull,that known as the "second in command". Bald tire is the inner concave pattern tire. In addition to the racing outside. Do not use the slick tyres, in moist smooth, snow, mud, dense grass easily slip, its safety is poor.

   Choi births: the main additive in rubber processing is sulfur vulcanization and carbon black, so is normally appearce black, manufacturers in order to gain extra profit manufacturing concepts and attract eyeball, add color solid pigment in the tyre.So that you can see a red wheel barrow.This also indirectly led to the rubber chemical structure, physical properties change.I can be responsible for the person said, the same manufacturers, the same category of tires, color tires certainly no black tire quality is good. But the price is much higher. When did you see the Formula One racing car and the plane with the color of the tire? But the regular manufacturers will consider the performance of the product, does not affect the safety of the bicycle, the wheel barrow. New color of the color more, looking at the beautiful, but easy to dirty after use, difficult to clean. But ugly.

   The wheel barrow, tires and bicycle rim is completely universal, it is easy to buy local. Because the impact of a wheel need to bear the gravity of the human body, the impact of jumping,the impact force when the car hit it. The quality of the tire rim strength requires higher quality bicycles, more than the ordinary bicycle. Besides who always looked at the wheels of the bike? Or that sentence: Well, not deliberately pursue.
   And knowing this ,you can make a red wheel barrow by yourself, is it cool?

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