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Do you know the magic wheel barrow wheel

Mar 14, 2016

 Wheel barrow wheel is the most important part in wheel barrow , the different material of the wheel barrow wheel decide the different operation effect, so it is very important for us to choose wheel barrow wheel ,when we lateto buy wheel barrow .and the specification of wheel barrow wheel is also related to the effect we use it, so let me introduce to you different materials and specifications of the wheel barrow wheel.

   The barrow is a vehicle which need human to push and pull the handling , it is the ancestor of all vehicles, although the barrow materials handling technology continues to evolve, but the barrow is still as an indispensable transportation tool still in use today. The barrow is widely used in production and life, the reason is its low cost,simple maintenance , convenient operation,it can work in which  motor vehicle are inconvenient,it is very convenient to carry light goods in short distance transportation . The most important part of a barrow is the wheel, which makes it more convenient to carry it.

   What materials are the wheel barrow wheel? First, let's see the nylon wheel. Nylon is a polymer material, has a very high mechanical strength, this kind of wheels is strong, durable, low cost, not easy to dirty, clean and easy to use for a long time. But the only problem is that due to the wheels, the installation of the book in the car above the mute effect is not too good,it will produce a greater noise.

   What kind of material are the wheel barrow wheel?the wheel of this kind of material is called silent wheels, it is made of pure rubber, we say the mute Book cart,it is installed in the wheel, rubber wheel in small car book above the sound of running, low noise, stable mechanical, but the price is relatively high, but compare with nylon wheel,it also  has its advantages.
Finally a cart of the material is polyurethane, polyurethane casters between nylon and rubber. It has high elasticity and strength, excellent wear resistance, oil resistance, fatigue resistance and seismic dynamic, a wear resistant rubber.

   When we know the material of the wheel of a cart, then what is the size of the wheel? The barrow wheels are no uniform specifications.

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