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Do you know how to drive the best wheelbarrows

Mar 14, 2016

   The role of wheelbarrow bearing is to connect the axle, bearing, fork, one. By wheelbarrow has its own structure installation space limit, the wheelbarrow bearing seat can not be the standard bearing seat, only special design. Wheelbarrow bearing seat and a vehicle fork connection mode has mainly experienced three generation change. The first generation of bearing seat is connected with the worst, has been Europe and the United States and other developed areas completely out of the wheelbarrow movement. Second generation slightly better, there are very few foreign cars in the use of. The survival of the fittest, the third generation mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, bearing the talent shows itself. The third generation ,also the best wheelbarrows ,bearing seat and vehicle fork welding are integral, high strength and good stability. Installation and removal of quick and convenient, bearing free replacement, strong and durable. The best wheelbarrows have been fully adopted in developed areas of Europe and the United states.

The only drawback of the third generation(best wheelbarrows): the vehicle fork processing precision is high, the vehicle fork of the left and right sides of the riser must be equal, otherwise the best wheelbarrows' offset is not. Processing equipment, processing technology requirements.

   1. a monocycle combination structure and improved cushion comprises a wheelbarrow, a front frame, a unicycle seat, its characteristics lies in: wheelbarrow through the front frame beam of the vehicle

   (1) and the front frame head tube

   (2) with a removable hinge connected and combined into the best wheelbarrows.

   Preparation work

   1 select the appropriate venue: Please in the flat, open, no motor vehicles, fewer people place to test the site.

   2. Inspect the vehicle: driving need to check that the power is sufficient, shake vehicle if there is abnormal sound and loose, manual implementation of self balancing unicycle see whether the wheel and the shell friction

   3. it is best to find a friend to learn to ride, can provide assistance, will be faster to master the skills of riding a bike to help.

   4 will the strap through the handle, and the length is adjusted to a proper position.

   5 refer to the driving procedure and start learning.

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