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Cutting with scissors is not dangerous for children

Mar 14, 2016

  Many parents do not allow children to use scissors, the reason is very simple:cutting with scissors is too dangerous, poke in the eyes, hands can not be, simply do not let the baby to touch. Actually otherwise, cutting with scissors can promote the develope of children's little finger muscle  and wrist movement flexibility and enhance ability to hand eye coordination, also can increase the sense of range,

From Jane to difficult

Children learn to cutting with scissors is in a certain order, when just beginning to use scissors, children's fingers are in fine degree and cooperation, and hand eye coordination ability will affect the child operation scissors, so mom and dad to let the children from the simplest form. Like, don't start let the children cut the shape of some high degree of difficulty.

   Step 1 random scissors

Just started to use cutting with scissors, the baby is a little inadequate: the scissors to take instability, the strength to make the point of view of the scissors do not cut off......At this stage, parents is mainly teach your baby to learn how to correctly use the scissors posture, hand eye coordination exercise, can give the baby a piece of paper let him casually shear, cut into what look like is not important, it is important that let your baby familiar with scissors, listen to and enjoy a cutting with scissors.

   Step 2 shear line
Baby's hand is not flexible enough, take scissors finger strength, so it should be let the baby cut a straight line, can also cut similar to wool like, cut the together and put it into the cat's whiskers, grandfather sun light awn; can also cut a little long a little note, done with the scissors can become KFC fries, snack noodles finished with mom and Dad...

   Step 3 cut square, rectangular

Learn to cut a straight line, the baby will have a certain basic skills, you can try to let the baby cut some square, rectangular things: such as TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines and other rules of the shape of the item. At this time the scissors will be "left, right?", the baby's wrist is a little flexible!

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