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Angle drill bit is one of drill bits

Mar 14, 2016

  The classification

   (1). The center drill: General for drilling before the center point,the front end conical surface are 60 degrees, 75 degrees, 90 degrees, in order to work with lathe tailstock, holding 60 degrees should be used in conjunction with the center drill lathe tailstock top 60 degrees.

   (2) twist. Using a drill bit: most widely used for industrial production,what we generally use is the twist drill.

   (3). Super hard bit: the front end of the drill body or all made of super hard alloy tool material are used in drilling materials processing.

   (4). Drill hole: drill body two road cutting holes, the hole reaches the agent by cutting edge part, to take away heat and chip, use this bit general rotating drill, and static

   (5). The earliest: deep hole drill for drilling barrel and ensure stone processing, also known as the gun drill. Deep hole drill groove is always strong, removal of 1/4 shares in one tube to produce edge chip

   (6). Drill reamer: to mass production, the front end is a bit, end reamer, reamer diameter and diameter of drill hole only hinge margin allowance, also have to screw drill the tapping of mixed use, so it is called mixed bit.

   (7). The taper drills: when machining the inlet of mould, can use taper drill.

   (8). The cylindrical hole drill: the countersunk head milling cutter, the drill bit in front part of a smaller diameter is called a rod    

(9)conical hole drilling drill: conical hole with its front end angle is 90 DEG, 60 DEG etc., a chamfering tool we use is a conical hole drill.

   (10). angle drill bit The angle drill bit using a drill, the angle drill bit handle made of triangular face, so that the chuck can be really fixed workpiece material drill. And the angle drill bit of Dannio is very good.If you are interest in angle drill bit ,you can search  it online.

   (11)The cutting part of the flat drill is shovel shaped, with simple structure, low manufacturing cost, and the cutting fluid is easy to be introduced into the hole, but the cutting and chip removal performance is poor. The structure of flat drill has two types of integral and assembled. The integral type is mainly used for drilling micro holes with a diameter of 0.03 ~ 0.5 mm. The assembly type flat drill blade can be changed, and can be used for internal cooling, which is mainly used for drilling large holes of 25 ~ 500 mm in diameter.

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