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What the aluminum foil container it is?

Mar 14, 2016

   Do you know what the aluminum foil container is?In our life ,there are many aluminum foil contianer.For example, aluminum foil container, aluminum foil, aluminum foil container, baozaifan bowl, pot bowl, disposable fast food box, packing box and so on ,there are many aluminum foil container in our daily life.

   With the development of travel industry and the increase of people's living standard, beer, soft drinks and other beverages and canned food demand is increasing, these need to modern packaging and decoration, in order to facilitate the competition in the international market. In order to meet the market requirements, people developed a good shielding plastic film and spray coating and other packaging materials, but their overall performance is not as good as the coating, and laminating process can be made up and improved. So it can be said that the aluminum foil has a variety of excellent performance, more perfect packaging materials, in many areas have fully demonstrated its broad application prospects.
In order to improve the quality of the rolling efficiency and aluminum foil products, modern aluminum foil mill to jumbo, wide range, high speed, automation four direction. The width of the roll body of aluminum foil rolling mill has reached more than 2200mm, the rolling speed is above 2000m/min, and the weight is above 20t. The corresponding rolling mill automation level also greatly enhanced, generally installed the thickness control system (AGC), most of the installation of the plate shape instrument (AFC). Aluminum foil industry is facing a period of rapid development.

Air conditioner foil is a special material for the manufacture of heat exchanger fins of air conditioners. In order to improve the surface properties of the element foil, the inorganic coating and the hydrophilic organic coating are coated on the former to form a hydrophilic foil. Hydrophilic foil accounted for 50% of the total amount of air-conditioning foil, the proportion of its use will be further improved. In addition, there is also a kind of hydrophobic foil, so that the surface of the fin with water repellent function to prevent condensation of water. Due to the technology of hydrophobic foil to improve the surface of the frost resistance to be further studied, the actual production is very little.

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