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What is news paper app?

Mar 14, 2016

   To understand the news paper app,you should know what is news paper.News paper is also called white paper. It is the main paper of newspapers and periodicals. It applies to newspapers, periodicals, books, comics and other paper text. The characteristics of news paper: the paper is loose and light, it has good elasticity; its ceiling inking performance is good ,which ensures that the ink can better fixation on paper.

   To understand the news paper app,you should know the meaning meaning.

   1, printing newspapers and general book paper.It is usually made of 80% or more of the mechanical wood pulp and less than 20% of the chemical pulp.It also has the bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp as main raw materials.In the world, the amount of newsprint is the most. Due to the development of printing from printing to offset printing, paper raw materials from general grinding pulp (that is, mechanical wood pulp) development for hot grinding mechanical pulp, chemical thermal mechanical pulp, etc..

   2,It is commonly known as the white paper. It is mainly used for printing newspapers.     To understand the news paper app,you should know the characteristics of news paper.It has a certain mechanical strength; it has good opacity; it is suitable for high speed rotary printing.

   To understand the news paper app,you should know the water absorption of news paper.Newsprint absorbent amount larger, printing process, paper absorption expansion is the main factors affecting color newspaper printing precision.

   To understand the news paper app,you should know the moisture absorption and deformation of news paper.News paper fiber is thicker, the texture is loose, its water absorbing elongation is greater than some coated paper, offset paper; And color newspaper printing commonly use water offset printing technology,the effect of transverse expansion of water absorption of newsprint overprinter precision is most obvious. In color newspaper printing, silk thread direction of newsprint is consistent with the direction of movement of the paper tape.Along the silk thread of the longitudinal expansion amount is small,which is about the lateral 1 / 3 to 1 / 2,   

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