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How to use aluminum foil?

Mar 14, 2016

 In our life,aluminum foil paper is often used to grill food,or package the food and place it in a microwave oven.So how to use aluminum foil?Below I will share its using method with you.

   How to use aluminum foil?---Barbecue food

   In the barbecue, the distance from the heat, it is heat radiation, so the bright surface will be turned into the heat back.In barbecue, we must put the fog face outwards, when the heat insulation, light face to face outwards.Formula is "fog light on", we also need to remember roast and then brush sauce, do not drop into the lemon juice and other acidic substances in aluminum foil paper, because of the metal foil, when metal and acid substances mixed together, it will be a chemical change takes place. It is easy to produce substances harmful to the human body.

   How to use aluminum foil?--- magical effect

   1 used aluminum foil paper crumpled into a small group, threw into the sink drain hole.Washed by water and drainage hole collision, aluminum foil wrappers generated metal ions, drainage hole is not easy to stick sticky greasy kitchen and deodorizing function.

   2 knead small group of aluminum foil will have many edges and corners, like sandpaper to produce scraping action. This can be used to scrape potato, burdock, ginger, etc. peel, don't worry whittle away too much, and details of the site is easy to cut, become the safety peeler.

   How to use aluminum foil?---Silver light

   Adding baking soda in water,putting aluminum foil coated with silver,which can make the black silver to restore luster.
   How to use aluminum foil?---Make a cup cover

   If the cup and pot have no lid, we can also cover the use of aluminum foil as the lid, it has the role of preservation and insulation.

   The above is about several household foil usage, that is very helpful for housewives.In addition to the above methods, aluminum foil paper also played a key role in the use of microwave ovens.

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