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How to make use of old printer paper?

Mar 14, 2016

 The detailed steps of turning the old printer paper into treasure  
  1, the knitting needles into a roll of old printer paper

  2, then use glue to glue these papers, and then dry it

  3, to keep the tape a spare

  4, to do a good job of fixing the wire coil, this framework can make up the lockers

  5, the roof of the locker is fixed, and reinforce the cabinet b

  6, to reinforce and middle layer with hard wire as axis, through the interlayer on the edge of a roll hole, then reinforce it

  7, the production of cabinet handle

  8, take the appropriate position to handle the placement,  and the work, translating the old printer paper into treature, is finished.

The waste paper which can be recycled include newspaper, magazine, nail or thread bound books, magazines, old printer paper, advertising paper etc.At present, there is no uniform standard for the classification of waste paper, but according to the source and characteristics of China's waste paper, can be divided into the following 6 categories.

1 white waste paper

This kind of waste paper can also be regarded as a substitute for pulp, including old printer paper, with relatively consistent whiteness,it is no harmful substances .

 2 books, magazines, waste paper

This kind of waste paper mainly includes the printing factory or the bookstore does not issue and releases ,after the recovery does not contain or only contains a few mechanical pulp the waste publication, the books and so on.

3 old news paper

  Made up of bundles of old newspapers that have been selected, not including old ones. Letterpress printing and color printing part is not higher than normal. Packaging must contain no tar, no matter, no more than 0.25%.

 4 cardboard and cardboard paper 

This kind of waste paper including kraft board, corrugated cardboard cutting edge, old corrugated box, all kinds of waste paper, cardboard, yellow, white, gray cardboard, etc.. Prohibition shall not exceed l%, no more than 5%.

 5 paper bag paper and kraft paper

  This paper refers to the packaging of cement after recovery of the broken cement bag. Hanging noodles and other waste kraft paper pulp.

6 mixed waste paper

  This type of waste paper is a low-level waste paper, including part of the "waste paper" (from the garbage heap to pick up the waste paper). Mainly containing mixed magazines, books, vouchers, documents and books,office waste paper and packaging materials of waste paper.

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