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Aluminum foil boat which is used in industry

Mar 14, 2016

   Although aluminum foil is relatively soft, but it can be made of a variety of Aluminum Alloy, such as aluminum foil microwave, aluminum foil boat, aluminum tray etc.. These aluminum alloys are widely used in aircraft, automobiles, trains, ships and other manufacturing industries. In addition, the space rocket, the space shuttle, the satellite also uses a large number of aluminum and its aluminum alloy. For example, a supersonic aircraft is about 70% of aluminum.The aluminum foil is also widely used to produce aluminum foil boat , a large aluminum foil boat is often  need use as much as thousands of tons of aluminum,so the aluminum foil has a big function in aluminum foil boat making.

   The oxide film on aluminum surface not only has the ability of corrosion resistance, but also has a certain insulation, so aluminum in electrical manufacturing industry, wire and cable industry and the radio industry has a wide range of uses. Industrial aluminum can make all kinds of heat exchangers, heat sink materials and cooking utensils and so on.

   Aluminum has a good ductility (its ductility is second, only to gold and silver), which can be made thinner than 0.01 mm at 100 C to 150 C. The aluminum foil is widely used for packaging cigarettes, making candy and aluminum foil boat production, etc., but it also can be made of aluminum wire, aluminum strip, and can be rolled all kinds of aluminum products.

   The surface of aluminum is protected by a dense oxide film, which is not easy to be corroded, and it is often used to make chemical reactor, medical equipment, refrigeration equipment, petroleum refining equipment, oil and gas pipelines, etc..
   Thermite used to smelting of refractory metal and welded steel etc.. Aluminum is also used as the oxygen in the process of making steel.

Aluminum plate on the reflection of the performance is also very good, reflecting the ultraviolet ray is stronger, the aluminum is more pure, its reflection ability is better, so it commonly used to produce high quality mirror, such as solar range mirror, etc..
Aluminum has the sound absorption performance, sound effect is also good, so broadcasting room, a large modern building indoor ceiling are made of aluminum.

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