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Where should you put your bar furniture uk?

Mar 14, 2016

 Bar furniture uk sorting

   According to the shape it can be divided into: straight bar furniture uk, horseshoe bar furniture uk, ring bar  furniture uk
   1, on both sides of the closed linear bar furniture uk: this bar can protruding into the room ,the advantages of this bar is the bar waiter will not be back to the guest, the straight bar furniture uk has no fixed size. It is generally believed that a member can effectively control bar in 3.5 meters.

   2, horseshoe shaped bar: also known as the U bar, bar protruding into the room, the general need to arrange three or more points of operation, the two section of the wall, in the middle of the U shaped bar, you can set a concave storage cabinet.

   3, ring bar furniture uk: it also known as the middle type bar. For goods storage and display of wine, there are other semicircle, oval, wave form a small island in the middle of the bar, bar and restaurant generally located in near the door, where guests are easy to find and arrival, bars can also be located next to the restaurant on the top floor or restaurant.

   Collocation knowledge of the bar

   1,bar furniture uk on its style mainly has three kinds of basic forms, which is the most common of the two ends of the straight line type bar. This bar can be a person room.

   2, the length of the straight bar is no fixed size, generally believed that a service personnel can effectively control the longest bar is 3 meters. If the bar is too long, the service staff is going to increase.  

  3, another form of the bar is horseshoe shaped, or called U bar. Bar extension room, the general arrangements for 3 or more points of operation, both ends of the wall.The third main bar type is a circular bar or hollow square bar. In the middle of the bar has a "island" for the display and storage of items with wine. The benefits of this bar is capable of fully developed Diao 'liquor, but also provide larger empty asked for the guests, but it makes service difficulty increases. If there is only a service personnel, he has to take care of four areas, which will lead to the service area can not be effectively controlled.

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