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Where can we buy small camping tents

Mar 14, 2016

    Small camping tents are mostly casual tents, considering the needs of public life. Small camping tents to travel alone and so on. Because of the automatic convenience of the small camping tent, no body weight height restriction. Has set off a trend among young people. Open fast, easy to carry, novel style. These are the people who have small camping tents to the evaluation, but also to the traditional many people have received a part of the impact of the tent.

    There are a lot of shop selling small tents. We may wish to look at the Internet, there are many kinds of styles. Must be able to meet your favorite style.For example,we can go to Tian Cat tik buy small camping tents.

    Some parents buy small camping tents for thier children.They putting it on thier room and moni outdoors camping game,which help thier children to cultivating the ability to survive in the wild.It also can help parents bonding with their children.The introduction of a small tent late in China, it is a new type of products. Can also be said to be a young man. But in Europe and the United States, a small tent has long become one of the necessities of the family. Sunday holidays can be seen everywhere opened a small tent. Now the tent has come to China,it has been active in the domestic market, and has enriched the product variety. At the same time, it also brings a kind of understanding - a small tent is not only a kind of tent, but also a kind of life pleasure! To understand the leisure life.

   Low grade of the small tent price at around 100 yuan, the price is affordable, but the price is not high. It can only be used as a disposable product, and once in a while. Good quality, can be regarded as the brand, the tick away and decathlon 2 brands.

   In the purchase of the tent, the most concern is the function of the tent itself the rain and wind. These high quality tents can be guaranteed. Especially the waterproof, waterproof tent fabric do 1000mm-1500mm and above are not the problem. What is waterproof 1000mm? Refers to the water pressure in the 1000mm 1 hours of fabric has no obvious water seepage. Unless it is sewing the rubber parts are cracked. Otherwise, it is unlikely to leak under heavy rain. If the tent inside touch wet cool feeling, it might because account inside and outside humidity caused by the temperature of the water vapor reasons (like an umbrella). You should not have to worry about water leakage. Another popular analogy: the waterproof ability of the umbrella is usually 1000mm PU. According to the practical experience in the field, in the field of environmental coating PU800 can prevent small to moderate rain, PU10001200 of the coating can prevent to the heavy rain.

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