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What is the classification of sharp air purifiers?

Mar 14, 2016

  Sharp air purifiers are developed by sharp in 2000.Sharp air purifier is sharp 2000 developed. It uses active air purification of a technology patent "the net ionic groups", and combined with multiple filters potent adsorption purification, it can efficient removal of bacteria, viruses, formaldehyde, odors, smoke, dust mites, secondhand smoke air pollutants, and it can make the whole indoor space have the effective purification.In addition, the high concentration of Plasmacluster as well as three beautiful skin effect.Humidification type air purifier is a collection of "clean + humidification + intelligent" multi - functional machine.

   What is the classification of sharp air purifiers?

   From the use of occasions,sharp air purifiers can be divided into: household air purifier, medical air purifier, beauty salons with air purifier. Vehicle mounted air purifier, desktop type air purifier, large indoor air purifier.

   From the function points,sharp air purifiers can be divided into: purified air purifier, humidification (Intelligence) air purifier, anti-bacterial skin air purifier.

   Vehicle mounted:SHARP IG-B series is the vehicle type air purifying antibacterial skin,it can remove the odor, bacteria, viruses, other odor and other pollution of car.

   Desktop type:Sharp IG-A series is a high concentration of net ionic group air purifier,the concentration of net ions up to 25000 / cubic centimeters,its ability to remove bacteria, viruses, odor, dust mites, secondhand smoke pollution is stronger.It also has three major effects: "skin skin moisture and enhance skin elasticity and delicate skin texture".

   Models include IG-A10S-W, IG-A20S-W, IG-A40S-S, etc.. Among them:

   (1)sharp air purifiers IG-A10S-W is a desktop type air purifier.It is white, the appearance is designed for placing desk, desk designs, it is suitable for the area is 10 to 15 square meters. It is mainly used for in many places in common desk, desk desktop.

   2) IG-A20S-W is large high concentrations of net ionic air purifier, its biggest characteristic is particularly strong antibacterial ability, which can reach every corner in the large space, it is suitable for the area for 40 to 60 square meters. It is often used in large living room, hotel suite, beauty salons.

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