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What is practical shop vacuum cleaners?

Mar 14, 2016

 Do you know what is practical shop vacuum cleaners?Next,I will introduce practical shop vacuum cleaners to you.
   Various parameters of shop vacuum cleaners:

   Model: BF502

   Power: 2000W
   Cooling mode: cycle

Vacuum suction: 2000mmH2O    
Capacity: 70L

   Height: 92cm

 Barrel diameter: 44cm 

Gas flow: 106 L / sec

 Accessories: diameter Phi 40     

Function: dust suction, water absorption        
Working voltage: 220V-240V
 Wire length: 7.2M
Specifications: 60X60X59.5cm
 Packing quantity: 1 / box

 Color: green red yellow

   Shop vacuum cleaners are multifunctional automatic washing and drying machine,they can carry out hard floor cleaning work in public areas or in industrial environment, they can automatically complete the work of ground cleaning and sewage recovery.They use battery driven, when they are working,they are able to automatically distribute the water to the ground.

   Product description of shop vacuum cleaners:

   1, it is equipped with two 120AH 24V maintenance free battery, its performance is stable, life is long,once charged, it is sustainable to use 4-5H.

   2, additional filters, it is easy to clean and effectively prevent dust damaged parts.

   3, multi-functional full set of standard parts, it is made of high quality materials, durable.

   4,it is equipped with a super strong motor, wet and dry dual-use, strong suction, can be a long time operation.

   5, professional Dongguan vacuum cleaner, it has a low noise, low cost and reliable and durable, and many other advantages.
   6, it adopts imported stainless steel barrel, barrel body, sturdy and durable, it is not easy to rust resistant collision.

   7,JM series Dongguan cleaner with ultra quiet motor, for all the traditional vacuum cleaner design, it has made a number of innovative and improved,multiple duct silencer design, to maximize reduce noise,at the same time,it has improved the disadvantages of motor which is easily burned,cover with pressure ventilation type design, dual protection to the motor, truly, ultra quiet, front suction hopper socket for straw is arranged, large fixed dual rear wheels to avoid collision machine work dragged, straight to walk, beautiful appearance,it is easy to use it. 

   Application of shop vacuum cleaners:

   floor cleaning, washing and waxing, crystal surface processing, marble renovation, carpet cleaning, dust and so on daily cleaning water and cleaning nursing indispensable equipment, Dongguan cleaner is particularly suitable for factories, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, buildings, cleaning companies, cleaning companies, places.

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