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What are the cordless upright vacuum cleaners

Mar 14, 2016

  Cordless upright vacuum cleaners are the new type of vacuum cleaners, it does not need the power line to complete the dust cleaning work. It is the same as a cell phone through the charger to keep the machine running, generally need to charge 4-10 hours to complete the charge, 20-30 minutes of sustainable work.Cordless upright vacuum cleaner built-in drive motor, open the vacuum cleaner to run the machine, wireless vacuum cleaner will be in accordance with the human drag sweeping work, no power lines to contain. Whether it is cleaning the ground or clean the gap in the door or window or clean cars are very free.

   The suction of the wireless vacuum cleaner can be comparable to the wired model, the wireless vacuum cleaner through the motor speed rotation (speed up to the speed of the car engine speed). Its ability to provide a strong suction. Even stubborn dust can be sucked.Cordless upright vacuum cleaners through the battery charging to maintain the machine running, high savings capacity of the battery to avoid leakage of electricity, a time can be maintained for about 30 minutes.

   At present, the main cordless upright vacuum cleaners in the market has the characteristics of free cleaning, easy to use, easy to clean, small parts and so on. With Cord Zero LG wireless vacuum cleaner with the latest two products as an example. Vacuum cleaner design in wireless handheld wireless vertical it. It allows consumers to get rid of the shackles of the power line. So we don't have to look around for a power supply, not to worry about the baby in the home being tripped over the wires. Dust collection is more convenient and easier; as a wireless vacuum cleaner. It's 60min's long life is also commendable. It has been used to avoid the embarrassment of the previous wireless vacuum cleaners and need to charge many times. Greatly shorten the cleaning time.

   Wireless vacuum cleaner is a new type of vacuum cleaner, it does not need the power line to complete the dust cleaning work. According to the search and data on the Internet that is to say Cord Zero LG series of vacuum cleaner is the best. LG CordZero wireless handheld vacuum cleaner in vertical vertical hand combo cleaner equipped with dual battery. And after cleaning, you do not need to clean the hair on the brush to clean up. LG winding brush head can be automatically cleaned in the cleaning process to enter the hair brush head. It is convenient and let people do not have to worry about.

  The cordless upright vacuum cleaners rely on battery charging maintenance work, so the battery charge directly affect the consumer experience. A "tough" wireless vacuum cleaner, full of electricity after a minimum of 20 minutes to maintain a clean cleaning time.


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