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The size of 4 drawer filing cabinets

Mar 14, 2016

 4 drawer filing cabinets are the file storage cabinets in the office space.The use of 4 drawer filing cabinets is conducive to the induction and placement of documents.4 drawer filing cabinets are indispensable and important tool in the important office space.Office file cabinet style and the size of the office file cabinet is a variety of different,next, I will introduce the size of 4 drawer filing cabinets.

   I believe that most people who work in the office have such experience,the size of 4 drawer filing cabinets must be made with the needs of their own work,so that we can work better in the work,which makes the efficiency of the work.The size of the office file cabinet is varied, which can be customized and produced according to the needs of our own.Below, I will explain some of the more commonly used in the size of the office file cabinet.

   When the company is larger, then the information is a lot,it also requires a large size of the 4 drawer filing cabinets to store.The general larger office file cabinet size is: The best control height below 2000mm,it is convenient to take,its width is best within the 900mm,otherwise,if the door of the file cabinet is too wide, it is easy to deform.Under the premise of not affecting the use,the size of drawer filing cabinets should be increased, but do not overdo sth....

   The material of 4 drawer filing cabinets is diverse, in general,4 drawer filing cabinets can be divided into steel file cabinet, plastic file cabinet, wooden file cabinet.Office file cabinet can be divided into a door or gate, if the installation of a door, the door can also use glass and iron. Office file cabinet size can also be produced according to the needs of our office.

   The most important style for the plastic file cabinet is the document holder,the size of this office file cabinet is relatively small. length: 250mm, width 260mm, height 310mm.It is used to store some we usually use the file, it is convenient for us to take. But plastic file rack is best not to store some of the more important documents, because the plastic shelf life is limited, it is easy to cause the loss of documents.

   Wooden file cabinets are relatively rare in our daily use,the cost of wooden file cabinet is high, the transportation is inconvenient.From the surface, the wooden file cabinet is a comparison of the grade.Generally the boss and manager of the company will use this file cabinet,the size of the wooden office file cabinet is similar to that of the steel file cabinet.

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