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The introduction of some funny furniture commercial

Mar 14, 2016

 Some funny furniture commercial can make people relax during tiring working.And what furniture do you think the funny furniture commercial?So let's look some funny furniture commercial.You must like the funny furniture commercial.

   In decorating their own home, how to show that he is a person who understands life, has the style?In my view, why not add some funny furniture commercial,it not only highlight their own taste, but also enhance the style of the whole family!

   DIY, NUDE coatrack full tenon structure

   The most attractive point of NUDE is the first complete without coatrack hardware assembly of pure tenon structure.

Everything is so naturally, and in using the tenon and mortise structure assembly process, also really to have bring a lot of fun
   The small tea table with Europe and the United States imported natural solid wood, wool blended spinning cloth bag collocation, rigid flexible and economic, practical and beautiful. The wooden table on the tea table can freely slide, and can be disassembled and assembled as a pallet. Under the natural linen cloth, can be used to put magazines, toys and other debris.

   A few of the Chinese mortise and tenon connection, with bonding reinforcement,we can see the obvious traces of hand. This Zen chair, is a modern version of the Chinese ocean's chair, soft lines concise, but its material is thick, the mortise and tenon structure,is very delicate.

   Taiwan is not hanging

   Keep the wire soft, so you can hang it on the edge of the shelf, and keep a high profile.

There are many different color options, with or fresh or retro home style. Silver Shade, simple and elegant, the lights will not let you have the book before in an impolite.

   Can blow out "kerosene"

   It mimics the traditional kerosene lamp shape, made of glass, plastic lampshade is a LED lamp 0.3W. This light uses USB charge. Pick it up, to blow lampshade,it can be lit, turn off the lights when it goes out to breath.It can also adjust the brightness by the knob on the lamp, the weak light will appear the effect of candlelight flicker, it is suitable for creating a romantic atmosphere.

Candle cups mosaic, by the designer pure hand tailoring, collage and, a piece of work will spend a few days of work.

   Candle cup not mass production, all products from design to create is as well, so a pattern for each has unique artistic sense of color rich and bright.

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