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The best choice of 3 Person tents

Mar 14, 2016

  The 3 person tents are mainly triangular (also known as people shaped), dome shaped (also called Mongolia package type) and housing (also called family type). From the structure, it is divided into the single - layer structure, double - layer structure and composite structure. From the size of the space is divided into two people, three people and many people. Triangle of the camping tents are more than double structure, the support is more complex. The wind resistant performance, thermal insulation, waterproof performance are relatively good, suitable for mountain climbing expedition. Dome shaped camping tent with a simple, easy to carry, light weight, suitable for the general use of leisure travel.

       From the category, the 3 person tents mainly include: tent camping tents (also known as ordinary tourist tents), military inflatable tents (inflatable tent camping tents). Compared with the general tent tent, the tent has the advantages of light weight and fast erection. The product has the advantages of high stability, strong shear flow, no rain, small size, easy to carry and so on. And it has the characteristics of high strength, good stability, small size after folding, convenient transportation and so on. 

       Generally 3 person tents can use the size of 220*210CM. Its packing size is 20*10*10 cm (length * width * thickness).3 people  tents fabric is generally breathable nylon or breathable cotton fabric. Quality mainly depends on its density. Index of rain proof performance is still outside the tent as per square centimeter of how much water to calculate mm. The rain in the tent above 1500mm water column, can prevent to rain. Individual reached 3000-4000mm, can prevent continuous heavy rain. Excellent quality tarpaulins, not only high rain index and on the tarpaulin seam connection and generous pressure glue, to defense joint seepage. Although outside the tent rain index is high, but the air is a problem. It is sunny night without rain, sleep still be outside the tent surface covered with water particles. In particular, the tent is built on the ground, such as the grass, and so on. Accumulated more will drop into the account. Relatively speaking, foreign account rain index is low, in the area of water to be less than high rain. This is all the occupants in the tent of exhaled air ground steam gathered in the tarpaulin on the inner surface of the water. The account rain outside, the rain can not enter inside the water vapor to go out.So, when we get up in the morning, we should avoid shaking the tent,be careful with the light rain.

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