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The production processing of the powerful vacuum cleaner

Mar 7, 2016

The poerful vacuum cleaner can be divided into vertical, horizontal and portable structure according to the structure. The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is that the blade is driven by a motor to rotate at a high speed, and a negative pressure is generated in the sealed casing.

   In 1901, the British civil engineer visited a carriage precipitator demonstration in London's Leicester Square. This powerful vacuum cleaner with compressed air put the dust was blown into the container inside, Mr Booth thinks this method is not wise, because a lot of dust was blewd into the container. Later, he did the opposite, with the powerful vacuum cleaner, Buss made a very simple experiment: the mouth and nose with a handkerchief, mouth to mouth breathing, the results so that the handkerchief attached to a layer of dust. So, he made a powerful vacuum cleaner, with a strong electric pump to suck the air hose, dust filter through the bag.

Horizontal canister powerful vacuum cleaner

   In August 1901's patented the powerful vacuum cleaner and the establishment of the company, but he did not sale the powerful vacuum cleaner. He put the gasoline engine which was driven by vacuum pump in the carriage, door-to-door service, the three or four long hose were put into room cleaning from the window , company employees wear work service. This is the former predecessor.

   Cleaner is mainly divided into three parts: dust, dust, dust filter ,it including on induced commutator motor, centrifugal fan, dust filter (bag) and vacuuming accessories. The powerful vacuum cleaner can remove dust, mainly because of its "head" is equipped with an electric fan. The rotating shaft of the fan impeller, electricity, ventilation opportunity to 500 times per second speed generate strong suction and pressure, under the effect of suction and pressure, high speed air discharge, and air blower front suction part constantly supplement fan in the air, resulting in inside of the vacuum generating instantaneous, and the outside atmospheric pressure forming negative differential pressure,

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