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Structure principle of hepa filter vacuum cleaners

Mar 7, 2016

 The main components of modern vacuum cleaner are vacuum pump, dust bag, hose and nozzle with different shapes.There is an electric fan inside the machine,after electricity, it will be running at a high speed, it makes cleaner internal flash vacuum forming,internal pressure is much lower than the external pressure, in the role of the pressure difference,dust and dirt into cleaner barrel body with the flow,and then through the dust bag filter,dust in the dust bag, purifying the air is through the motor to escape into the interior, it cooling motor, air purification.  

   Structure principle of hepa filter vacuum cleaners---Principle of dust collection

   The fan impeller of the vacuum cleaner is driven by the high speed of the motor, and the air in the impeller is discharged at high speed. At the same time, the air in the dust suction part is continuously added into the fan.In this way, it may be possible to form a higher pressure difference with the outside world.Suction nozzle of dust, dirt with the air is inhaled dust absorbing part, and after leak detector leakage, dust, dirt collecting and dust barrel within.

   Structure principle of hepa filter vacuum cleaners---Original vacuum cleaner

   All vacuum cleaners are equipped with an assembled head, which is used to clean the floor and carpet.Suction type vacuum cleaner will also be equipped with a series of cleaning brush and suction nozzle, in order to clean the corner, curtains, sofa and gap.

   Structure principle of hepa filter vacuum cleaners---The throat

   All the vacuum cleaner suction will be equipped with hard pipes, it is used to connect hoses and accessories for cleaning.

   Structure principle of hepa filter vacuum cleaners---Flat suction nozzle

   It is also called the slit nozzle, it is a long and thin, flat hard suction nozzle. It is especially suitable for cleaning the wall, radiation radiator, corners andshallowplaces.

   Structure principle of hepa filter vacuum cleaners---Round brush head

   It is also called a small suction nozzle, it can do 360* rotary, it is easy to clean furniture, fine mesh fabric, etc..

   Dust brush: it is made of long and soft bristles, it is suitable for cleaning, curtain wall etc..

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