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Remenber compare air purifiers when you buy them

Mar 7, 2016

 Remenber compare air purifiers when you buy them.

   Air purifier, also known as "air cleaner, air fresheners, purifier, refers to adsorption, decomposition or transformation  various air pollutants (including PM2.5, dust, pollen, smell, formaldehyde and the like decoration pollution, bacteria, allergies, etc.),it effectively improve the air cleanliness of gas products, mainly divided into for household, commercial, industrial, building.

   Air purifier has a variety of different technologies and media, so that it can provide users with clean and safe air,so when you buy it:compare air purifiers.Only when you compare air purifiers ,you can buy the best one,and only when you compare air ourifiers,you can compare the quality.

Working principle of air purifier,it is mainly divided into three kinds: passive, active, passive hybrid.

According to the air purifier for particulate matter removal technology, mainly mechanical filter, electrostatic filter screen, high voltage electrostatic dust collection, negative ions and plasma method, etc..

According to the needs of purification, air purifier can be divided into following types,and when you need buy a aie purifier,you can compare air purifiers:

   (1) pure type. If it is located in the area of moderate humidity, or the quality of the air is not too high, then buy a pure type of air purifier to meet the needs .

   (2) humidification and purification type. If it is in relatively dry areas, the purchase with a humidification purification function of the air purifier will be the most suitable choice. LG future celebrity air purifier also has natural humidification technology, using technical means to achieve water vaporization, by windmill or disc rotating filter would be harmful to eliminate substances remain in the tray, as the only emissions ultrafine and clean water molecules into the air.

   (3) intelligent. If you like the automation of operation, intelligent monitoring air quality, or reflect the noble taste, or to give gifts to be more decent, then buy a smart air purifier is the best choice.

   (4) on board type. If it is used for car air purification, the need to specifically purify the car odor.


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