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Principle and maintenance of frigidaire air conditioners

Mar 7, 2016

   "Principle and maintenance of frigidaire air conditioners" is a book which was  published by higher education press in 2009. The author is Qiu Yongjin.

   Content introduction:

   According to the current requirements of the development of vocational education, that is, to cultivate the main line of skills to design project training content, according to the teaching method of the project teaching form,Qiu Yongjin organized and wrote the "Principle and maintenance of frigidaire air conditioners".The whole teaching material training project content in accordance with the basic, special training, comprehensive training of the order, in ensuring the basic ability of the foundation, focusing on cultivating students' ability to analyze and solve problems.The book is divided into five projects:the use of commonly used instruments and meters,measurement and judgment of common electronic components,operation skills of maintenance tools,basic knowledge and maintenance of refrigerator trouble shooting and air conditioner.In order to further improve the skill level,after each training,it is equipped with the task of training students.It is believed that the publication of textbooks will be welcomed by readers.

   "Principle and maintenance of frigidaire air conditioners"comes with learning card / security standard,we operate in accordance with the book at the end of the "solemn declaration" under the instructions, we can check the authenticity of the book and have the opportunity to win the grand prize,We can also log in http://sve.hep.com.cn,we can work to learn and download resources.

   "Principle and maintenance of frigidaire air conditioners" is suitable for teaching books as secondary vocational school electronics professional. It is also suitable as related types of vocational skills training materials and related engineering and technical personnel reference book.

   Catalog works:

   Project 1: commonly used instruments and meters

   Task 1: the use of pointer type

       Task 2: The use of digital universal meter

      Task 3:The use ofcurrent meter       

      Task 4:The use of insulation resistance meter

   Project 2: Measurement and judgment of common electronic components

   Task 1: detection of electronic components

   Project 3: maintenance tools operating skills

   Task 1:Refrigeration fitter operation skills

   Task 2:The use of instruments and meters

   Task 3:Welding welding skills

   Project 4: refrigerator failure maintenance

   Task 1:Refrigerator is not cooling, the compressor does not start

   Task 2:Condenser assembly and disassembly, diagnosis and repair

   Task 3:Evaporator disassembly, diagnosis and repair

   Task 4:Disassembly, diagnosis and repair of dry filter

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