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Introduction of small window air conditioners

Mar 7, 2016

Air conditioning air conditioner (conditioner air), also known as air-conditioning.

   Household air-conditioning, there are many kinds, including hang wall type air conditioner,small window air conditioners and a ceiling type air conditioning.

   The small window air conditioners.

   It is a small air conditioner which can be installed in the window, the  small window air conditioners has three types :air cooling type, electric type and pump type three. The small window air conditioners will affect the indoor lighting. Due to the current general room in the architectural design did not set aside the position of small window air conditioners, therefore,small window air conditioners installed in the window will affect the lighting. Especially for more intensive high-rise buildings may have indoor lighting the relative is not too good, if installed small window air conditioner that is more in the problem of insufficient light the.The installation of small window air conditioners as far as possible in the wall openings, but not directly in the window frame. This is not from indoor light,it can also avoid the installation resonance on the window frame.

The installation is convenient, the price is cheap,it is suitable for small room. In the choice to pay attention to its mute design, because the window is usually more split air conditioning noise, so the choice of close to split air conditioning noise standard window is better. In addition to the traditional window air conditioner and novel styles, such as designed for children of color panel machines for children, with voice prompt, lively and practical security,this is also a good choice. There is a disadvantage for  small window air conditioners noise. The window air conditioner compressor and fan and the interior is not completely isolated, so the indoor can obviously feel the noise. So if it is in the bedroom, then please use the power of small air conditioning. The bedroom for rest sleep place, do not need too much of the cooling capacity

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