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Introduction of automatic vacuum cleaners

Mar 4, 2016

  Automatic vacuum cleaners are electric cleaning equipments which are equipped with microcomputer system.

   Component of automatic vacuum cleaners:

   1, sensing part: it is equivalent to the human senses, it plays a role in the perception of the outside world.

   2, the control part: it is equivalent to the human brain, it plays the connection to the body of the control.

  3, the driving part: it is equivalent to the human body, it is controlled to coordinate operations.

  4, dust suction part: in the intelligent vacuum cleaner which embedded part of the vacuum cleaner.

 5, the power supply: it is necessary to provide the power system of the power system, it is also a crucial part, it tends to be ignored.

   Working principle of automatic vacuum cleaners:

   1,Automatic vacuum cleaners use ultrasonic detection technology,it launches the ultrasonic pulse to rush to the front and the next direction, and it receives the corresponding return sound wave pulse,which carries on the judgment to the barrier;

   2, then it feedback to the controller, and on the basis of the return pulse signal, it should be judged, it selected the corresponding control strategy;

   3,Driver drives two drive wheel sets of motor,so as to achieve the machine forward, backward and turning;

   4. At the same time, a small vacuum cleaner carried inside the machine is necessary to clean the ground.

   Common function of automatic vacuum cleaners:

   Intelligent cleaning: press start, it does not need manual assistance, it can automatically carry out dust cleaning work
Remote cleaning: infrared remote sensor, remote control at any time, at any time to clean.
Ultra thin body: it can be directly cut into the bottom of the furniture for cleaning.
Autonomous Navigation: 5 kinds of walking mode, full coverage to complete the task of cleaning, it is trustworthy.
Edge cleaning: it features a side brush, along the wall of the walking path model, to clear indoor dead area.
Human computer interface: LED friendly man-machine interface, working status, easy to master.
Automatic charging: insufficient power, 30 minutes ahead of time, it is active to find the charger to charge.
To prevent the fall: it has to prevent the fall of the induction function, the desktop, the ladder and the height of the clean, the heart of worry.

Body design: fireproof material ABS, remove safety hazards, paint technology, extraordinary texture grade.

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