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How about sanyo air conditioners?

Mar 4, 2016

 SANYO air conditionings are the productions of SANYO motor which is well-known brand of international air-conditionin.As Panasonic's Japanese electrical company, SANYO motor not only combines SANYO's decades of experience in electrical appliances, but also contains a new SANYO technology from Panasonic.SANYO was acquired by Panasonic in 2008, although it had a trough period, but SANYO's belief still can be reflected in SANYO air conditioner.

   How about sanyo air conditioners?

   According to the types of air-conditioning,sanyo air conditioners can be divided into wall hanging type air conditioner and air conditioner.According to the air conditioning technology,sanyo air conditioners can be divided into two kinds of frequency conversion and constant speed.According to the cold and warm type,sanyo air conditioners can be divided into cold and warm type and cold and warm electric auxiliary type. 

   The auxiliary electric heating of sanyo air conditioners has obvious effect on the heat production at low temperature.In the state of constant temperature, it can quickly make heat, the effect is obvious.Heating to a certain extent, it can automatically high temperature protection,in winter, it makes the house more warm.It uses the latest non current impact technology.It uses power cut memory technology, in the power down, it has saved the long-term operation of the status of air conditioning, and start automatic regulation.Using advanced air conditioning intelligent temperature control, grasp the temperature at 0.5 degrees Celsius, it is intelligent perception of comfort.It uses a hydrophilic aluminum foil radiator, it can efficiently heat, in the summer, we do not worry.Double tube efficient condensation, it is energy saving and energy saving. Using international standard brick motor, quiet and efficient, its noise is lower than the international standard. It uses a compressor from a well-known brand, it uses a new material noise cotton, it can block the chassis noise, refrigeration more convenient, more environmentally friendly power.  

   Aftermarket repair 0f sanyo air conditioners:

   P01: indoor fan protection thermostat P02: outdoor fan / compressor protection thermostat thermostat / abnormal voltage protection. P03: abnormal discharge temperature P04: high voltage switch. P05: reverse phase or bad phase. P09: the panel line connection is improper. P10: float switch.

   H1: compressor motor overload. H2:- press motor is locked. H3: current detection circuit of press. H9:- press contactor protection. H10-: voltage unbalance protection. H11:-CT detection circuit is not normal. H12: the current value is not normally locked. H18: press contactor vibration. H19-: press contactor vibration, over heat protection.

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