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Detailed description of lateral filing cabinets wood

Mar 4, 2016

  Detailed description of lateral filing cabinets wood:

   File cabinet _ employee lockers _ file cabinet _ safe _ security cabinet

Model: XB-WJG

   Lateral filing cabinets wood are cabinets that place files, data, etc..

   Type of lateral filing cabinets wood:In accordance with the detailed function, it generally contains data cabinet, dense ark, drawing cabinets, lockers, lockers, key cabinet, shoe ark, counter staff, custom metal cabinet. According to the material, there are steel file cabinet, plate type file cabinet, solid wood cabinet, stainless steel file cabinet.Usually the lateral filing cabinets wood of the office is mainly based on the steel file cabinet. Lateral filing cabinets wood which are used in home are generally plate type file cabinet.Luxury and status of the document cabinet is a solid wood cabinet.And the cost of stainless steel file cabinet is higher,so the people who use it are a little bit less.Here is the main introduction of lateral filing cabinets wood.The export of lateral filing cabinets wood is removable, the domestic market is generally the overall.lateral filing cabinets wood are divided into no doors and doors,the door is a glass door or gate.The door can be divided into the door and sliding door. You like what kind of door, you can make what kind of door.There are usually high cabinet (1800-2000mm), cabinet (cabinet) is generally less than 1000mm. Locker whether there is a closet, there is a wardrobe door. There are 2 doors, 3 door, 4 door, 6 door, 8 door, 10 door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door. 3 door 2 specifications are generally 800*500*1800, of course, each plant is probably not the same general specifications. Lockers are 4 door, 6 door, 8 door, 9 door, 10 door, 12 door, 15 door, 18 door, 24 door, 32 door, 40 door.

   Specification of lateral filing cabinets wood:900*400*1900. The regular file cabinet can be subdivided into:two fight card box hanging cabinet, two cabinets, cabinets, cabinets, bedside cabinets, cabinet, six Little Dipper lateral file cabinets, three fight card box hanging cabinet, four bucket card box hanging cabinet, five section stub cabinet, 89 glass door cabinet, 89 iron sliding door cabinet, 118 glass door cabinet, 118 iron sliding door cabinet, glass door twelve file cabinet, a cabinet, the second layer bucket file cabinet, the second half pumping glass file cabinet, rolling door cabinet and six semi glassy file cabinet, partial three bucket half glass cabinets, glass file cabinet.

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