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Plastics additives of cr plastic products

Mar 2, 2016

 Plastics additives of cr plastic products---Plasticizer.

   Plasticizer can increase the flexibility, elongation, plasticity, it can reduce the plastic flow temperature and hardness, it is conducive to the formation of plastic products. The commonly used plasticizer with two formic acid esters, decyl ester two, chlorinated paraffin and etc.. We are the most common camphor.

   Plastics additives of cr plastic products---stabilizer

   In order to delay and prevent the occurrence of aging, the stabilizer must be added.Today, methyl tin heat stabilizer (181) is the most outstanding performance of the plastic stabilizer,it is very effective for hard polyethylene (PVC) calendering, extrusion, injection molding and blow molding.And because its security is high, so it is especially designed for food packaging and high definition hard polyethylene products. At the same time, it has also been widely used in plastic doors and windows, Sheung Shui pipeline, decorative materials to replace the other highly toxic plastic heat stabilizer. It has been widely used in the United States, Europe and Japan. In recent years, 181 methyl tin heat stabilizer in China began a large number of applications.

   Plastics additives of cr plastic products---Flame retardant

   It can improve the plastic flame retardant additive called flame retardant. The majority of plastics containing flame retardants have self extinguishing properties, or slow burning rate and so on.Commonly used flame retardants are antimony oxide and aluminum, boron compounds, halide and phosphate, four - two - P - two, four o - benzene anhydride, etc..

   Plastics additives of cr plastic products---Antistatic agent

   Antistatic agent plays a role in eliminating or reducing the surface of plastic products.Antistatic agents, most of them, are electrolytes, which are limited to the solubility of synthetic resins, which can migrate to the surface of the plastic, to achieve the effect of moisture absorption and elimination of static electricity.

   Plastics additives of cr plastic products---foaming agent

   Plastic foaming agent is a kind of low molecular organic matter that can be gasification under a certain temperature.such as two chlorine two fluorine methane; or when heated, the organic compound of the gas can be decomposed. These gases are left in the plastic matrix to form a large number of fine foam structures. There are commonly used azo compounds and nitroso compounds etc..

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