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Introduction of metallic oxide

Mar 2, 2016

 What is metallic oxide?Metallic oxide is refers to a binary compound of oxygen and also a metallic chemical element composition, such as iron oxide (Fe2O3), sodium oxide (Na2O).

   The metallic oxide is composed of metal elements and oxygen elements of 2 elements.Basic oxides are oxides that can react with acids to form salts and water.Alkaline oxides must be metal oxides, most metal oxide is alkaline oxides, such as Cao, Na2O, magnesium oxide, barium oxide, iron oxide, copper oxide and so on, alumina, zinc oxide is an exception,they are amphoteric oxide. We cannot say that metal oxide is alkaline oxides, such as Mn2O7,it is a metal oxide,but it is acidic oxide,the corresponding acid is permanganate.The active metal oxide is an ionic compound, which forms an ionic crystal with high melting point and boiling point.

   Metallic oxide is a kind of important catalyst, in the field of catalysis, it has been widely used,after the metal oxide nano,its catalytic performance is more excellent,it is predicted that the nano metal oxide will be the important direction of the development of the catalyst. 

   The surface area of the metallic oxide is also very important,in the metal oxide surface area of research and data report. Only the BET method detected result is true and reliable,because the measurement standard of specific surface area is based on the BET test method.

   Common metal oxides:

   Copper oxide:It is a kind of black oxide of copper, it is slightly different, it is slightly moisture absorption.It does not dissolve in water and ethanol, but it is soluble in acid,.Copper oxide is mainly used for making artificial silk, ceramic, enamel and enamel, battery, oil desulfurization agent, pesticide, also for hydrogen production, catalyst, green glass, etc..

   Ferric oxide:It is also called burning limonite, burnt umber on, rouge, iron oxide red, pink, Venetian red (the main component of iron), ferric oxide and so on. Chemical formula Fe2O3, soluble in hydrochloric acid, red brown powder.Its reddish brown powder is a low grade pigment, which is called iron oxide red, used in paint, printing ink, rubber and other industries, which can be used as raw material for iron making.

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